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Yacht North Group	     Volume No. 1	Issue No.1	 April 2005


Spring Fit Out


Among all the other things that need to be done during spring is the fitting out of your vessel for a season on the water. Too often easy projects are over looked which cause problems during the height of the summer.

Fitting out is the term most sailors use to describe getting the boat ready for use. For many boats, like the windjammers of Camden and Rockland ‘fit out' is an entire season in it's self, lasting anywhere from 4-8 weeks. For the average weekend boater that is not necessary. Here is a very basic list of things every boater should be aware of as spring nears.



Outside The Boat


•  Check the propeller and shaft for dings or distortion.

•  Check zincs, and replace if necessary.

•  Bottom paint and smooth any blistered paint below the water line.

•  Above the waterline, fix problem spots in gel-coat and wax all over for protection.




Topsides/ Deck


•  Repair any damaged woodwork and finish properly with varnish or oil.

•  Thoroughly scrub deck with cleaner.

•  Use metal cleaner/ polish on all stainless and brass.

•  Clean and protect aluminum from oxidation with wax.

Rigging (sailboats)

•  Service all hardware on spars.

•  Clean and protect spars from elements.

•  Examine shrouds/ stays for rust or kinks.

•  Service all winches and blocks.

•  Clean and lubricate turnbuckles.


Engines/ Systems


•  Change the oil

•  Clean sea strainer(s).

•  Check/ change oil and fuel filter

•  Clean battery terminals and tighten connections.

•  Check condition of batteries. Charge or replace if necessary.

•  Exercise and lubricate through hull fittings.

•  Inspect condition of hose clamps, replace if necessary.

•  Test bilge pump.

•  Operate Head.



•  Remove unused clutter.

•  Remove any mildew with a little Bleach and water.

•  Vacuum/dust out lockers.

•  Wash sole (varnish or protect if necessary).

•  Repair and seal any exposed woodwork

•  Stock provisions Don't forget the TP!




•  Check expiration date on flares and fire extinguishers.

•  Test hand held VHF radio.

•  Check condition of life jackets and test whistles and lights.

•  Replenish and upgrade First-Aid kit.

•  Update or replace charts.

•  Check anchor and docking lines for chafe.

•  Check that flashlights are working and have extra batteries.

•  Adjust the compass.

•  Check navigation lights.



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YACHT- Any of various relatively small sailing or motor-driven vessels, generally with smart graceful lines, used for pleasure cruises or racing. (Nautical Answers .com)

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