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"We're on the job, so you can be on the water..."

About Yacht North Group

Yacht North Group of Yarmouth Maine combines a charter management company, a yacht consulting team, marine instructors, licensed boat delivery teams and experts in yacht maintenance all under one roof.

We are dedicated to making every aspect of boat ownership and use pleasurable for you, your family and your guests. Our services can help preserve and even enhance the long term value of one of your most important investments. We will make sure that your yacht or your charter is ready to go whenever you are…and in”Bristol Fashion” condition!

If you want to be certain that your boating experience isn’t marred by lack of maintenance or insufficient time, look to Yacht North Group. We can help you get the most out of your boat, this season and next.

Caring for your yacht…as if it were our own.

Yacht North Group functions as a knowledgeable advisor and hands-on overseer for every phase of ownership. Our services include yacht purchase consultation, crew placement and voyage planning. We conduct personal tutoring, from boat handling to navigation and safety audits and drills. We will help with storm management planning, system tests and sea trials, project supervision and management for repairs and upgrades and preventative and routine maintenance programs.

Yacht North Group allows boat owners to customize yacht care programs based on their specific and unique needs. Each program includes an inventory and safety inspection along with a recommendation report.

In short, we offer boat owners the assistance needed to maximize time on the water—time that can be enjoyed in comfort and safety. You can be secure in the knowledge that your vessel is under the care and supervision of the dedicated professionals at Yacht North Group.

Protecting your investment…when you can’t be there.

For any boat owner who has experienced the anxiety of being unable to watch over their boat for an extended period of time, Yacht North Group offers it’s “Yacht Watch” program. We’ll provide scheduled visits aboard and make inspections of battery condition, bilge water levels, dock lines and fenders, mooring tackle and, if desired, an underwater inspection for a full mooring assessment. We can clean and air out the vessel, provision, water and fuel in order to prepare your yacht for her next voyage. With “Yacht Watch” you’ll never again have to worry that the security of your boat is out of your hands.

Adding to your pleasure…with planning, education and support.

The waters of Casco Bay and the rest of the coast of Maine offer some of the most scenic and unique cruising grounds to be found anywhere. To make these waters accessible and enjoyable for locals and visitors alike, Yacht North Group offers motoryacht and sailboat charters and boat rentals, dockage and anchorage arrangements, voyage planning, port information, fuel bunkering and underway support.

We believe strongly that boat owners and charterers will find their time on the water more enjoyable and safer if they are well trained and educated in navigation, rules of the road, radar and boat handling. Yacht North Group offers personal instruction and periodic seminars and lectures covering all pertinent nautical subjects.


Always at your service…

Yacht North Group is committed to providing the most attentive, courteous and responsive service and assistance available anywhere to boat owners and charterers alike. We’ll always provide you with the information and advice you need in order to keep your vessel in “Bristol Fashion” condition but we’ll only do those things you want done when you want them done.

Our job is to make every aspect of your boat ownership and use an enjoyable experience and to help you maintain and enhance the value of your vessel.

When you want to be able to spend more time enjoying your yacht in safety, comfort and security, there’s only one place to turn…Yacht North Group.

“We’re on the job…so you can be on the water.”

Lower Falls Landing Box 1, 106 Lafayette St., Yarmouth, ME 04096 Tel 207-846-6775

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