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  • Condition & Valuation Surveys
  • Pre Purchase Surveys
  • Damage Surveys
  • Ultrasonic Testing
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  • On Hire/Off Hire Surveys

1. Common Types Of Surveys

2. What should I expect from a survey?


1. Common Types Surveys

The most common types of marine surveys are condition and valuation, pre purchase and damage surveys.

The Condition and Valuation Survey is suitable for pre-purchase, insurance or finance. This comprehensive format includes a structural and cosmetic evaluation of the exterior hull, interior hull and framing, decks and deckhouse, cabin spaces, machinery and electrical systems, (test operating where possible), all rigging where appropriate and testing of additional systems and items of equipment. The inspection also includes moisture testing of hull and deck laminates of fiberglass vessels.

A comprehensive report is prepared that includes sections pertaining to repairs and recommendations and market valuation.

The Pre Purchase survey is a service intended to provide the prospective boat buyer with sufficient information as to the condition, safety and performance of a vessel, its equipment and machinery, so to enable the buyer to make a sound purchase decisions.

Who needs a pre purchase survey?

Any person considering the purchase of a vessel. A Marine Survey addresses and concerns about quality, safety and the long-term effects of your investment in a vessel.

The Damage Survey is an accurate and comprehensive examination of your vessel after loss or damage that is usually conducted for insurance purposes.

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2. What should you expect from a survey?

A full itemization of existing defects and substandard maintenance conditions.

Advice on equipment or systems that are about to fail or are likely to do so.

A full accounting of all unsafe conditions.

An accurate appraisal of the vessels fair market value

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