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"We're on the job, so you can be on the water..."

 Learn Basic Seamanship


 Sailboat Handling

Powerboat Operation And Handling


 Boating Safety

U.S.C.G.Boating Safety Guidelines


We are proud of our certified staff, and their wealth of practical experience. At Yacht North Group, safety is always the most important issue we address in instructional courses.

Enjoying the natural splendor of the ocean is a truely remarkable experience. We apply years of seagoing experience to each class focussing on practical safety and boat handling.

Yacht North Group Instruction: practical knowledge & experienced instructors.

Yacht North Group partners with many Maine boat retailers, to provide instruction to new boat owners.

Enjoy boat ownership with the confidence that you are correctly and safely operating your vessel.

Lower Falls Landing Box 1, 106 Lafayette St., Yarmouth, ME 04096 Tel 207-846-6775

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